For fear of you seeing the real me,

I tend to hide in the safety of my well guarded mind.

Once in a while you will see me peak out the peep hole,

to check to see who is there.

If I trust you,  I may extend my hand through the cracked open door.

Be kind with the offering, as my barriers rarely break

and it can get lonely here all by myself.




via Daily Prompt: Tend

Begin again

One more day, one more hour,

One more minute of your tiny hands in mine.

I would give anything to begin again

and watch your life unfold with

its beautiful newness.

But for you to call this life your own,

something must end,

and I let go.

Some Days-Part 3


Trudging through the endless day;

with exhausted determination to conquer

the mind numbing treadmill.

Some days are like this.

Some Days-Part 2

Fighting myself as a nemesis;

with no empathy or patience for my own heart,

leaving a shattered shell on the floor.

Some days are like this.


Don’t get angry.

No one likes to hear you curse.

Don’t be sad.

No one likes to hear you cry.

Don’t be silly. Continue reading “Monotone”

Some Days-Part 1


Greeting this day as an old friend;

with love and remembrance of good times,

with joy and the promise of more.

Some days are like this.


Years of deprivation from self expression

can only be held at bay for so long,

before the mind permits the heart

to release all it has cataloged through time.



via Daily Prompt: Permit